Roads Less Traveled

I made a post on Instagram & Facebook recently (The Fall Road) about taking the back roads looking for images and that got me thinking about the road less traveled and how it is something that I have always chosen over the busy main roads.

I can't remember not using back roads even before I could drive. The main reason for that is the area I grew up in was a bit out from the city and suburbs. While our house was in a wooded area, you had to pass through farmland and other wooded areas getting to it. I wouldn't call it remote as in there weren't any neighbors for miles but we certainly were spaced out more than a typical suburban neighborhood. 

When I started driving I recall purposely taking the back roads and finding alternate ways of getting everywhere. Sometimes it took longer, every now and then it turned out to save time, but I always enjoyed the journey. It gave me a good sense of knowing where things were and how to get there in a variety of ways, in the days of no GPS this was a needed life skill! I recall a game with a friend where the goal was to try to find a way home with the least amount of stoplights, avoiding them all together was ideal. We would then compare notes and sometimes learn of a new route.

I have never shied away from turning down that unknown road to see where it goes, sometimes finding it ends exactly where I thought and other times I got lost and had to find my way back. There is always an adventure to be had when taking the back roads, one of my favorite bumper stickers I have seen says "I'm not lost, I am wandering".

Stay warm, wander often,