Review for Week of April 11th, 2022


Hypnotic Daisy - This is one of my favorite images, I love the hypnotic pattern of the yellow center. Always reminds me of the warmer months, can't wait for them to arrive!


Hypnotic Echinacea - Another hypnotizing flower. Be careful not to stare too long, you might go into a trance! The slight red colored tips with the green are a bit mesmerizing, feels like it is breathing if you stare a bit.


Sine Wave - I am fascinated by the patterns in nature and even more so flowers. This gooseneck loosestrife while being a rather invasive plant is an example of another pattern, I think this looks a bit like a sine wave.



Happy Easter! There is a saying, "If it rains on Easter Sunday, it will rain every Sunday for 7 weeks." It is bright and sunny here today, and I have my fingers crossed this saying holds true for the year as I need more sun and less grey.

I believe this is First Sarasota, I couldn't resist taking this photo with the intense blue sky and the white building.